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Gateway Floral is a new and fresh florist in Whakatane. Our expert knowledge in floral design will capture your every need. With flower deliveries to Whakatane and surrounding areas.



Other Florist Delivery Fees:

Ohope – $12.50. Taneatua for $10.  Kawerau, Edgecumbe or Matata – $15.00. Opotiki $25. Rotoma $25.

About Gateway Floral

Whenever possible Gateway Floral buy flowers direct from growers. Because we run an online service so we can keep our prices down and our flowers beautiful.

Your Florist in Whakatane

We deliver our beautiful flowers around Whakatane for FREE including hospitals and funeral homes. With only a small fee for delivery to Ohope, Kawerau and surrounding areas.
Furthermore, our attention to detail is second to none, so let us create memorable and stylish arrangements for you.

Deb Multrus, a long-time member of the Whakatane community. She has been creating beautiful floral designs for over 20 years. As the head florist here at Gateway Floral, she brings all her experience and knowledge. As a reulst enabling us to design unique creations that speak to your special occasion.

Style Options

Stunning Flower Creations

Send someone a beautiful bunch with one of our flower bouquets. We have a gorgeous range of floral arrangements such as our colorful rainbow flowers, pink blooms, and bright white lilies. While offering stunning style options our service is second to non.

We have a style for every occasion. We are your number Florist choice in Whakatane.


Gateway Floral


Bright & Breezy

Happy and cheerful from our Florist
Florist - Gateway Floral, Florist Whakatane, Flowers, Florist Near me
Florist - Gateway Floral, Florist Whakatane, Flowers, Florist Near me

Soft & Pretty

With love from our Florist

Lights & Whites

Clean and elegant from our Florist
Florist - Gateway Floral, Florist Whakatane, Flowers, Florist Near me

Full Flower Collection

Gateway Floral

For flower deliveries to Whakatane, Kawerau, Matata, and Opotiki.

Our beautiful handcrafted collection is made with care and dedication from our team here at Gateway Floral. 

Visit our online shop and browse our full collection now.

Gateway Floral – Your new florist in Whakatane.

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